The Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness Teljes Film Magyarul Videa Online Ingyen HU Sergio driving a taxi in a white Naples overflowing sadness and garbage. Pouring rain leads her clients through the city trying to process the death of his brother, who started ten years earlier for Tibet and never returned. A pop singer, a recycler of fragments of life, a radio announcer, an old uncle, alternate seats on its bearing, each in its own way, a trace of his brother loved. Stubborn not to go over and get lost in an endless race, Sergio is overwhelmed by memories and the music produced in pairs with Alfredo, which in Buddhism and in its foundations had found the strength to cope with the disease. Those notes that he believed buried and laid to always return overbearing and demanding a soundboard that resonate and express his being sound. Putting his hand on the piano, Sergio Alfredo feel again, giving the past with the present and realizing itself in the feeling.

  • Libération: 2013-11-21
  • Évaluation: 8.4
  • Production: Mad Entertainment / Big Sur /
  • Genre: AnimationDrama

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The Art of Happiness (2013)

2013-11-21 NA HD

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The Art of Happiness

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Filmrendező és csapat: The Art of Happiness

  • Alessandro Rak
  • Nicola Barile
  • Luciano Stella
  • Paola Tortora
  • Alessandro Rak
  • Luciano Stella
    Executive Producer

Kiadási dátum:
IT 2013-11-21

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The Art of Happiness – Öntvény

The Art of Happiness

Leandro Amato
Sergio Cometa
The Art of Happiness

Nando Paone
Alfredo Cometa
The Art of Happiness

Renato Carpentieri
Zio Luciano Cometa
The Art of Happiness

Jun Ichikawa
The Art of Happiness

Lucio Allocca
Padre di Sergio e Alfredo
The Art of Happiness

Silvia Baritzka

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